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Creative ideas

Infographic: How to have a successful blog

January 08, 2016
by Sarah Fichtinger

Blogging like a Boss If you are doing digital marketing, running a blog is indispensable....
LinkedIn Login Page displayed on a mobile device

8 LinkedIn Marketing Tips to Boost Your Business

December 15, 2015
by Sarah Fichtinger

Just hearing the name “LinkedIn” bores you to doze off? LinkedIn Marketing Tips? What?
Pinterest Board displayed on a Tablet

7 Pinterest Marketing Tips to Start Using It the Right Way

December 08, 2015
by Sarah Fichtinger

Do you like browsing the boards of Pinterest? You enjoy looking at interior designs,...
Open Laptop, headphones and notebook with notes

Copywriting for E-Newsletters That Actually Get Read

December 01, 2015
by Sarah Fichtinger

Want e-newsletters that people are actually waiting for to appear in their inbox?
Woman who dropped her ice cream

Warning: Are you committing these 10 Content Marketing Mistakes?

November 29, 2015
by Sarah Fichtinger

Picture this: You have been working on your content marketing strategy over the last...
Reimagine your content

How to Reimagine, Reuse and Repurpose Old Content

by Sarah Fichtinger

Imagine all your blog posts living forever. Wouldn´t that be nice?
Blog Like a Boss

Blog Like a Boss: Top 15 Blogging Tips to Run a Killer Blog in 2016

by Sarah Fichtinger

A couple of weeks to go for a new year to come and a hundred...
Instagram displayed on a mobile device

5 Crazily Good Instagram Marketing Tips

November 24, 2015
by Sarah Fichtinger

I loved Instagram right from the start. It’s a beautiful, visual network and I...
Picture of Google Sign on Building

8 Amazing Google+ Marketing Tips to Promote Your Business

November 17, 2015
by Sarah Fichtinger

Almost all of us have it, but few people know how to use it.
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